“These forms are not the means of obtaining the right state of mind. To take this posture [of Zazen] is itself to have the right state of mind. There is no need to obtain some special state of mind.”

—Shunryu Suzuki Roshi

Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind

About Zen Fields

Zen Fields is a 501c3 non-profit organization located in central Iowa. Our aim is to provide opportunities for people to practice meditation and to study the Buddhadharma. We strive to address the suffering that exists in multiple layers:

Personal   ·   Familial   ·   Societal   ·   Ecological

Zen practice works like concentric circles, beginning with the self at the center, and spreading outward to family, community, society and ecology.

Fundraising Goal of $4000 for Ricardo Annis Has Been Met! ThankYou!

Thanks to the many people who believe in Ricardo Annis as he pursues his undergraduate degree at Strasburg University in France, we have met our goal of $4000. This should ensure Ricardo continues into his sophmore year. Zen Fields cannot underscore enough the importance of supporting people in Haiti for endeavors like this. Giving in this way is an act of charity, of love, and of respect beyond measure.

from Zen Fields

The Spine

What is the role of our spine on a physical, mental, and spiritual level?

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Topics include Buddhist philosophy, mindfulness meditation, parenting, interfaith, ecological and social justice, and science.  Readers are welcome to  post comments, to ask questions, and to reflect on these posts to see if they ring true or not.  The heart of Zen is verification of truth not by an authority, but through one’s direct experience.

The Gate of Repentance

The Gate of Repentance All my past and harmful karma, born from beginningless greed, hate and delusion, through body speech and mind I now fully

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Zazen as Medicine?

Zazen as Medicine? “We can put the drug companies out of business if we learn to tap into our own natural highs through meditation.”  This

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