The Field of Enlightenment is Broad

Spring water fills the rivers in four directions.

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Help Ricardo Help His Family Through Education

He graduated high school with strong academic credentials and was accepted to a fully paid university program in Strausborg, France (Campus France) last year to study IT. Problems of insecurity in Haiti make it difficult to stay to study and be safe there right now. Study in France would open up job opportunities and ability to help his family and community upon his return to Haiti. Overall, this opportunity would change his life and many other lives positively. Read More

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Dharma Gates are Boundless

Embodied Healing: Survivor and Facilitatator Voices from the Practice of Trauma Sensitive Yoga

Overcoming Trauma

Reclaiming your body through Yoga.

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Writing from the heart about Zen practice, connecting to family, community, society, and world.

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