A Thousand Bites from a Toothless Dog

Thought and thought, felt and hurt. 

Time and time again.  Hourly, daily, weekly.

Unrecognized story of this then that.

Scattered and focused, but not clear.

Reliving something not yet lived.

Feeling something not yet felt.

Hurting but not yet manifest.

Daily happenings, small and large, rarely reality.

A thousand bites from a toothless dog.

Fevered preparatory pitch of thought.

Worse than the one true incisor, or the many.

Continue or relent?  The wearing down.

Or, recognize, allow, and embody?

Refuge in the Buddha & Christ, Dharma & Divinity, Sangha & Church.

Wisdom taught, reality touched, community of nobility recognized.

All because of a thousand bites from a toothless dog.

As able, gratefully acknowledged and embraced.

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