Anxiety to Zen

We offer a continually growing group of techniques to help you work with difficult emotions and overcome anxiety. Join our community, led by Zen monks, to support you becoming fully engaged and able to trust your own wisdom. Learn more here.

Between a rock and a hard place?

We live in a stressful time

We don’t have to be defined by it

Zen Buddhism is known for helping people to suffer less and to be happier. We can help you to learn techniques that have been used for thousands of years to work with anxiety.

More people are struggling with anxiety and other difficult emotions than ever before. Certainly medications and therapy can help. Nonetheless, you have far more ability to help yourself than you realize. It is not in the interest of the pharmaceutical companies to have you believe that.

We have practices and supports to help you create a new relationship with your emotions. For example, anxiety isn’t simply something to avoid, and it isn’t only one thing. People have normal anxiety, toxic anxiety, and sacred anxiety. Once we learn to discern the difference between these types, we can work with them skillfully.

We can’t keep stress out of your life.  We can help you learn to work with it effectively.

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