Encouraging Words for Meditation – These are intended for listening to prior to meditating in silence.

Let Go



This Breath



Heaven and Hell



Letting Go of Words



The Hurrier I Go



Guided Meditations:

2 Minute Soothing Breath for Working with Difficult Emotions

10 minute Guided Meditation for Calming (with postural suggestions)




Transforming Anxiety by Looking Deeply at Old Age, Ill Health, and Death (15 minutes)



Breathe Deep and Calm (4 minutes)


Dwelling Deeply in the Present Moment  (15 minutes)


Deep Relaxation  (This can be used for calming or to help before sleep, and is 20 minutes long.)


Connecting with the Body and Healing  (20 minutes)



Connecting with Nature for Healing (10 minutes)




Book Meditation (6 minutes – you will need a book for this exercise)



Mindful Movements for Stress Reduction (30 minutes)



Basic Integral Yoga Class  Use this worksheet as a guide only.  Remember the need to relax into the poses rather than forcing the body into an unnatural position.  The more relaxed you are, the more willingly the muscles will stretch.



Sit to your Limit Plus One Minute  These are instructions to be used for mindful breathing or sitting meditation.  My teacher, Dai-En Bennage Roshi, wrote the original version.  With meditation, it is advisable to seek a qualified teacher for guidance, especially when just beginning.  Meditation needs to be tailored to the body and mind of the individual seeking instruction.  To make an appointment with Daishin, please email him at




Instructions for Zen Meditation









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