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What is Shikantaza?

What is Shikantaza? A Definition Dogen called his meditation practice shikantaza, which literally means “just sitting.” In shikantaza we sit without the koans used in

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Zen Confucianism

Zen Confucianism by Rev. Eric Daishin McCabe   https://youtu.be/yeD1nOYz4UA All of the Sinitic cultures – especially Korea, Japan, and Vietnam – have evolved around ways

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Sharing Power in TCTSY

At the end of a TCTSY class a participant asked me, “So you are a yoga teacher, right?  What should we call you?  Sensei?” I

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Free Jarvis Jay Masters!

The African American Buddhist author Jarvis Jay Masters is one of those inmates. He’s been on death row for more than three decades for a crime that he and his team of supporters and lawyers say he did not commit: the prison murder of a corrections guard.

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DNA Come, Ego Go

“The buddhas of all times right now share the same eyes and hands with you, and practice and affirm this for the whole three hundred

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