A Dharma Doorway

Dharma gates are boundless, I vow to enter them. Children have been by far my best teachers.  Jesus said that if we can learn to have the mind of a child, then we will enter the kingdom of heaven.  The child’s mind is open, receptive, and sincerely curious about life.  When sitting zazen, Dai-En Roshi wouldContinue reading “A Dharma Doorway”

Picking Violets with Ryokan

Takuhatsu, or ritual begging, is an ancient and noble practice among Buddhist monks in Asia.  In exchange for material goods, the monks offer spiritual teachings.  From a Buddhist perspective, the material and spiritual worlds interpenetrate and enhance one another.  We can’t live in either the material OR the spiritual world.  We must constantly strive forContinue reading “Picking Violets with Ryokan”