Healing in Zen

Healing in Zen Manjushri said, “Go out and bring back one stalk of medicinal herb.” Sudhana left and looked throughout the entire earth, but there

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Be Teachable

Be Teachable   The sound coming from my teacher’s desk   Stiff and inflexible head   Softened by Dharma rain only   One dies not

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Duck, Duck Goose!

Recently I had the opportunity to visit my family in Maryland.  This was my first time back to the East coast since the birth of

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The Lesson of My Sister

I swam the width of the Chesapeake Bay, between the two bridges, when I was 16 years old.  I had been a competitive swimmer from

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Unfreezing Myself

An earnest novice monk approaches the training monastery requesting entrance. He is invited in briefly, offered tea and sweets, and told by a senior monk

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The Twue Dragon

We have two sides of practice, like the left and right hand, or the left and right brain.  One side, call it, “this side”, has

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