Zen Parenting

Is it ever okay to hit your child?

Is it ever okay to hit your child? If so, what are the reasons that parents do this? If not, what can support a parent in choosing not to use physical punishment on their child?

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Fear for me is being asked by my wife to take care of our two-year old son, Malcolm, by myself.

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Duck, Duck Goose!

Recently I had the opportunity to visit my family in Maryland.  This was my first time back to the East coast since the birth of

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Swaddle Yourself

Zen Master Dogen writes that we should practice as though our hair were on fire.  This means we really need to take seriously the impermanence

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A Good Latch

Whether breast feeding or meditating, we all desire to get a good latch on the nipple.  I am inspired by watching my newborn son, Malcolm,

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