Daikan Rising Crow


My name is Daikan Rising Crow (a.k.a. Jesse McKinney). I’m a Zen Buddhist with severe Cerebral Palsy (CP) who is training under the guidance of Rev. Jundo Cohen of Treeleaf Zendo to be a Soto Zen priest. Throughout life I’ve become many things including a father, horticulturist, author, and national wheelchair bodybuilding champion. However, despite all these titles, my true passion is to use the gifts I’ve been blessed with to share these blessings with others with and without disabilities.   I offer many bows in gratitude to Daishin and all of my teachers for allowing me to serve others through Dharma practice and through writing. My book “A Mind On Wheels… The Inner Journey” is a glimpse into a Zen mind of a man with CP. It is now available through Amazon at the link below…

Author of “A Mind on Wheels” (Kindle Version)

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