For the Sake of the Planet – Retreat

For the Sake of the Planet is an Interfaith Retreat, open to people of all faiths as well as humanists, who are interested in galvanizing the movement toward creating a sustainable future.  The pillars of this movement that will be addressed during this retreat include:

1.  A collective story.  Stories orient us, inspire our imagination, and move us to act.  We are in a time between stories.  The creation myths of the Bible and of other cultures were created in part to orient, inspire, and move us to act.  The discoveries of science have provided the grounds for an emerging new story that can help guide us past the end of the Cenozoic and into what Thomas Berry has called, “The Ecozoic” era.

2.  Meditation and Mindfulness Practices. We are largely disconnected from our physical body.  This disconnect is most pronounced in those suffering from anxiety, depression, despair, and grief.  None of these emotions, however, are problems to be pathologized.  They are like alarm bells trying to warn us.  To suppress them or to project them on someone else – this is the problem.  Meditation, Mindfulness, and Yoga practices help us to reconnect our bodies and minds, and to feel a deeper sense of belonging to the planet.  As such, they are essential in the work to address climate change.

3.  The Work that Reconnects. Joanna Macy has developed a series of practices designed to (1) cultivate gratitude for this time we are living in, (2) honor our pain as evidence of our compassion, (3) see with new eyes our embeddedness in the planet, (4) go forth to act as we feel called, using our own gifts.

Join Iowa Interfaith Power and Light and Daishin McCabe at Pure Land of Iowa to share and engage constructively with others on climate, hear the New Story, practice mindfulness and yoga, and to do the Work that Reconnects at, For the Sake of the  Planet retreat.


Date:  February 26th, 2017

Time: 1-5pm

Place:   8364 Hickman Road, Clive, Iowa 50325

Cost:  Free will donation is greatly appreciated.

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