Group Meditation and Mindfulness

Upcoming Events


Anxiety and the Sutra on Mindful Breathing, January 7th online class. Register here. 

Bodhidharma’s Emptiness, February 3rd, Half Day Retreat. Register Here.


Daishin offers group meditation to a variety of organizations including colleges and Universities, prisons, and community groups.  He also offers private instruction.  Presently he and his wife, Jisho Sara Siebert, co-lead Dizang-Qi, a Buddhist meditation group, at Iowa State University on Thursday evenings from 6:45 – 8:15pm in room 3505 at the Memorial Union. 

Meditation has many beneficial effects including learning ways to de-stress, work with difficult emotions, and develop greater present-moment awareness. Contact him at for his availability.

Daishin has led the following groups in meditation:

In the Midwest

Pure Land of Iowa, Des Moines

Unitarian-Universalist Fellowship of Ames

Marshalltown Unitarian-Universalist Church

Iowa State University – Dizang-Qi Buddhist Group (link to news article)

Des Moines Zen Center

Nebraska Zen Center

Cedar Rapids Zen Center

Milwaukee Zen Center

On the East coast

Mount Equity Zendo

Pittsburgh Zen Center

City Dharma

Red Rose Sangha

Lotus Moon Yoga

Renaissance Yoga Studio

Mindfulness Meditation Group (Unitarian Church of Harrisburg)

All Beings Zen