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Be a supportive member of Zen Fields.  Your membership allows Zen Fields to continue to grow in Iowa in its mission to establish Buddhist approaches to healing the suffering of our world.

How to Join

Zen Fields is committed to sharing the Dharma – loving words and beneficial actions – in our community.  Make a yearly donation of between $25 – $50.  The amount is not the point.  By making an offering of any amount that feels right to you, you allow us to continue to offer low cost donation-based retreats, to ensure the longterm practice of Zen in central Iowa, to build a spiritual community, and to help those in need.  If you can offer more than the suggested amount, or consider a monthly donation, that is also greatly appreciated! 

Membership Benefits

By becoming a member you’ll have the opportunity to:

  1. Participate in our Annual Board Meeting.
  2. Be a part of the discussion of the direction of Zen Fields as an organization.
  3. Receive updates on upcoming events.
  4. Make your voice heard and listen to what others are saying about their practice on our Zen Fields discussion forum.

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