Sitting in silence and being still can be unbearable at times. Guided meditations are meant to help us when our minds are overly active and have difficulty settling.

The meditations here last from 1 minute to 40 minutes. One suggestion is to figure out how much time you have and then choose a meditation based on that. Another suggestion is to choose based on the topic of your interest. Feel free to reach out to Daishin for further meditation instructions.

We do live guided meditations on Thursday evenings from 7 – 7:30pm (Central Time), followed by reflection and discussion.

Movement to stillness to entering the Buddha’s Mind

Bodhisattvas are “Enlightening Beings.” As such, they are not yet complete Buddhas, but strive to awaken others even before they themselves have “awoken.” This meditation grounds the practitioner and then leads them through verses from the “Ten Dedications” chapter of the King of Sutras, the Avatamsaka Sutra.

Mediation on Suyama Heaven

The above guided meditation begins with grounding in the Four Foundations of Mindfulness – body, feelings, mind, and objects of mind, and then shifts to qualities of mind found in the Flower Ornament Sutra (Avatamsaka Sutra).

The above meditation incorporates the idea of “pure generativity” from quantum physics into our meditation, drawing parallels with the Buddhist concept of the 5 skandhas.

Corpse Meditation

This meditation is not for the faint-hearted. We begin with grounding our self in our body, and then transition to more challenging topics. Meditating on the corpse is a traditional meditation taught by the Buddha to help his monks wake up to the preciousness of life.

Zen Seeds: Excerpts from Aoyama Roshi’s Book, translated by Dai-En Bennage Roshi

Instructions: The following encouraging words range from 1-5 minutes in length. Listen to one audio prior to or while just beginning seated meditation. Reflect on the words as your object of meditation and as a means to help you settle in to meditation. Let go of the reflection once you feel it no longer aids you in zazen. Reflection time will vary by person. Contact Daishin if you need further meditation instruction.

Back to nature

Clogged up

Loving words

Beautiful words (part 2)

Happiness is now or never

Wind in the Pines (part one)

Wind in the Pines (part two)

The Cosmic Buddha

You are now at your youngest (part 4)

Guided Meditations:

2 Minute Soothing Breath for Working with Difficult Emotions

10 minute Guided Meditation for Calming (with postural suggestions)

“RAIN” – 10 minute Guided Meditation for Working with Difficult Emotions

Transforming Anxiety by Looking Deeply at Old Age, Ill Health, and Death (15 minutes)

Breathe Deep and Calm (4 minutes)

Dwelling Deeply in the Present Moment  (15 minutes)

Deep Relaxation  (This can be used for calming or to help before sleep, and is 20 minutes long.)

Connecting with the Body and Healing  (20 minutes)

Connecting with Nature for Healing (10 minutes)

Book Meditation (6 minutes – you will need a book for this exercise)

Mindful Movements for Stress Reduction (30 minutes)

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