Buddhadharma Resources


Trees have had profound places in the world’s great religious traditions. The Buddha was Enlightened under a tree. Trees played a predominant role, too in the Gospel narratives. We compare the story of Buddha’s Enlightenment with the Gospel of John, the very first chapter, where Jesus attracts his disciples.  (8 Minute Dharma Talk)

What are the Dharmakaya, Sambogakaya, and Nirmanakaya (collectively known as the “Trikaya”) referring to? We review Case 11 of the Book of Equanimity considering the meaning of the Koan by delving into the meaning of “Dharmakaya.”

Daishin gives a brief overview of the connection between this foundational guided meditation on mindful breathing and the Sutra of Mindful Breathing.

This is the first exercise in a series of 5 exercises based on the Sutra of Mindful Breathing.

Daishin talks about history, evolving of Japanese Buddhism, and how to practice precepts in modern times.

Daishin speaks about how to engage both in meditation and everyday activity, namely by dropping the “I” that “does something.”