From an addiction treatment center counselor:

“The efficacy in which Eric facilitated his services was attributed to how he exhibits excellent traits of an effective helper.  These include: warmth, genuineness, empathy, respect, immediacy, concreteness, confrontation, potency, and self-actualization.  The most outstanding of these was warmth, as he easily drew people towards him, clients and staff included.”

From a University Professor:

“I have found in all my dealings with Rev. McCabe that he is flexible, friendly, articulate, and very skilled in communicating on both a professional and personal level.”

From a Psychotherapist:

“I have worked with Eric McCabe for much of the last year and have been highly impressed by his efforts with our clients, and his sense of teamwork with the staff.  On many levels he is probably the most effective chaplain I’ve worked with.”

From a Dharma student:

“[Daishin’s] broad and lengthy access to Dai-En’s teachings, his travels to other Buddhist facilities, both in the U.S. and Japan, his study of other mindfulness practices and other religions, and his incorporation of yoga training into his own teachings has provided him with the skill and understanding to impact in deep and positive ways those in need of help in our society.

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