Considering the needs of others is the heart of our practice.

2500 years ago a human being just like you and I realized the inter-penetration and inter-causality of all things. In other words, we are created by the world, and simultaneously create the world in each moment. “Buddha” is the title given to this human being. The Buddha’s awakening is for all of us regardless of our gender, race, ethnicity, ability, income, intelligence and all of things that separate us from one another.


Soto Zen’s Roots

This link takes you to Zen in Japan, where our school of Buddhism began. Here you can find many resources for practice including how to meditate, Zen philosophy, teachings, and much more.

Zen Master Dogen

Dogen is the founder of Soto Zen in Japan. Visit this link to learn about the history of this world renowned master not only of Zen, but of poetry and writing. Dogen is considered a literary genius.


Zazen has been translated as “meditation.” Yet it’s much more than simply counting your breath. This link gives video instructions for how to do zazen, as well as teachings from the “Universal Recommendations for Zazen.”

Dharma Eye

This magazine is for those new to Zen practice as well as those wishing to deepen their understanding. It includes articles that trace the history of Zen beyond Japan, as well as academic perspectives on practice and the writings of the founders – Keizan and Dogen.