Thanks For Your Support!

“Mind is beyond measure.  Things given are beyond measure.  Moreover, in giving, mind transforms the gift and the gift transforms mind.”

—Dogen Zenji

Zen Fields Purpose:

  1. Share the wisdom and culture of Zen Buddhism.
  2. Offer daily, weekly, and monthly Zen meditation and retreats.
  3. Generate funds for educational scholarships for those with the most need.

Goals for this fundraiser

To raise $10,000 to support:

    1.  The Haiti Scholarship Fund – at present Zen Fields is funding scholarships for two Haitians’ post-secondary school education.  We are asking for $6000.
    2. Teacher Stipend – To ensure sustainability for the many activities Zen Fields’ offers we are asking for $4000.


*This fundraiser ends July 31st, 2023.

Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated.  If you would like to make an offering for this fundraiser, please donate.

Rehearsal for 5-Day Precepts Ceremony 2022
Potluck at Quaker Meeting with Guest Teachers Ejo McMullen and Shinsho Karube.
Participation in 100th Anniversary Precepts Ceremony at Zenshuji, Los Angeles
Concluding Sesshin at Nebraska Zen Center

Meet two Haitian students benefiting from our fundraising efforts:

Ricardo Anis at Strausburg University in France.
Sherline Jeurdi studies administration in Jacmel.
The words Zen Fields and a signature stamp next to a spare ink pen outline of a meditator in a field


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